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Marketing Management

We offer strategic marketing management, including SEO and digital marketing strategies, to amplify your online presence and target audience engagement.

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Leverage our global market expertise to navigate successful international expansions, mitigating risks and fortifying your global presence.

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Our expertise in investor relations ensures robust capital and resource management, fostering growth and sustainability in your business.

Integration and Partnership Services

We support strategic alliances and third-party integrations, enhancing your business capabilities and facilitating growth in the interconnected fintech environment.

Financial Technologies

TouristPay, an innovative program bridging tourists, regulators, finance, and the tourism industry. Lakatos Network's tailored fintech solutions have been instrumental in shaping the success of TouristPay.

We've elevated TouristPay's visibility, creating a powerful online presence through strategic techniques.

Leveraging our expertise in international markets, we've guided TouristPay in its global expansion, minimizing risks and reinforcing its global footprint.

We've facilitated strategic alliances and integrations for TouristPay, enhancing its offerings and fueling growth in the interconnected fintech ecosystem.


LobalCard, is a Austria based modern solution for efficient, safe, and economical travel expenses. Lakatos Network has been pivotal in bolstering the growth and success of LobalCard.

We've optimized LobalCard's market entry strategies, boosting its visibility and customer reach.

Guiding LobalCard in its local outreach, we've used our market expertise to minimize risks and solidify its Turkey presence

We've facilitated key integrations and alliances for LobalCard, enhancing its service capabilities and contributing to its growth

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